Here are twelve instrumental pieces offering empathy amidst pain, loss and sorrow.

In spite of pain, conflict and confusion in the world at large, we need not fall prey to bitterness and cynicism, which would only rob us of our joy of life.

And, in spite of our individual world of pain, we can rediscover beauty and happiness. Yes, there are tears. They are healthy, natural and help us to grieve. But there is sunlight through the rain. There is laughter. There is calm. There are angels. There is heaven. We are not alone.

And there is love.

Let Cluain Ri heal your heart and uplift your spirit with the mesmerising beauty of their utterly unique sound. Close your eyes as you listen and you will fly from a world of pain to a world of love, peace and joy. – Theresa Cheung, bestselling mind, body, spirit author

Track Titles

World in Pain ♦ Across the Miles ♦ When Friends Go Away ♦ Why Be Ashamed of Tears ♦ Sunlight Through the Rain ♦ White Feathers ♦ Mary of the Gael ♦ Ascending and Descending ♦ Sophia’s Sorrow ♦ Rest with Me ♦ Heavenessence ♦ Call to Love