Touched by Grace wants to take you on a journey… a happy journey infused with playful lightness that can lift your cares and assure you that you are cared for.

An Angel Called Her Name is a mysterious opener – but then, angels are mysterious, and an angel calling someone by name is a wonderful mystery. Angels know our names and you may sometimes sense and feel their Invisible Embrace.

Sibyl of the Rhine is dedicated to a German mystic who lived nearly a millennium ago — Hildegard von Bingen, a Benedictine abbess, known as Saint Hildegard and the Sibyl of the Rhine. She was also a writer, composer, philosopher, naturalist healer and visionary.

Caithleen’s Island is another tune inspired by a woman, a figure in Irish mythology said to have been a goddess! May the composition impart a little bit of heaven to you.

The playful character of Skipping ‘n Falling depicts the ups and downs of life, like children picking themselves up after a tumble. And though life isn’t all happiness, thankfully it’s not all heaviness either, as the next tune, When a Dove Flies High, reminds us of the peace that can hover over our hearts in spite of heaviness, conflict and war.

A visit to the Chateau of Fontainebleau inspired the baroque overtones of Bellifontaine, and as the French flavour continues, How Can We Measure Love may invoke meditative thoughts on the tune’s title, while Winter Play may invoke pictures of children playing in the snow, skating on ice – such happiness!

And when in need of a break from life’s noise, bustle and speed — That’s Where the Sea Comes In. A time of reflection can do wonders in helping to contemplate that Divine Love, Joy unspeakable, endless Love — Boundless.

This collection opened with an angel calling someone’s name and as it closes, may it bring reassurance that you are Touched by Grace. Blessings!

Track Titles

An Angel Called Her Name ♦ Invisible Embrace ♦ Sibyl of the Rhine ♦ Caithleen’s Island ♦ Skipping ‘n Falling ♦ When a Dove Flies High ♦ Bellifontaine ♦ How Can we Measure Love ♦ Winter Play ♦ That’s Where the Sea Comes In ♦ Boundless ♦ Touched by Grace