This offering from the Cluain Ri project, entitled Relentless Love, wants to take the listener on a musical ‘pilgrimage’; gently setting the tone with the opening track.

A sage of old described the feminine spirit of Wisdom as ‘crying’ from the high places to those who pass by, calling them to listen; hence the pleading quality of the second track.

Those who heed Wisdom’s cry will most likely be drawn to contemplation; and the next piece, dedicated to St. Theresa of Avila’s book of the same name, was composed to transmit just that. It seems that the piece was successful in its purpose, as Jenny Smedley, author and angel consultant, said of Interior Castle: ‘…so light on the mind and yet so deep in the subconscious. The choice of instruments is breath-taking in the dynamic it creates.’

In Ireland, people speak of what they refer to as ‘thin places’– mystical locations where the veil between this world and the eternal one is thin, and the sixth track endeavours to impart a sense of such a merger of realms.

Continuing in Ireland, the musical journey moves on to earthly settings with Return to Connemara, shedding some Tears in the Glen and then observing Seagulls Over Sligo, culminating with a rest under a Greenwood Tree, where one can experience a touch of divine Relentless Love!

Track Titles

Gently Does It ♦ Wisdom Cries ♦ Interior Castle ♦ As Long as You Have a Dream ♦ Windswept ♦ Thin Places ♦ In from the Cold ♦ Dancing on the Waves ♦ Return to Connemara ♦ Tears in the Glen ♦ Seagulls over Sligo ♦ In the Shade of the Greenwood Tree ♦ Relentless Love