This album includes some previously published tracks which, after some slight modifications, seemed to blend in with this almost classical-style collection of piano and slide guitar-fronted tunes.

Hopefully, a composition is here for each personality or disposition,

or for times of contemplation, such as the moody Rising Moon,

or a minor tune invoking a picture of a ‘wraith on water’

or, as the album’s title suggests, a piece to help us imagine the ‘essence of heaven’ as a beautiful place, where dreams come to fruition – something many people look and long for.

Track Titles

Melody in C ♦ Healing Hands ♦ Interior Castle ♦ Heavenessence ♦ Rising Moon ♦ Sola Gratia ♦ Wraith on the Water ♦ Thin Places ♦ Grace’s Touch ♦ Cluain Ri ♦ In the Shade of the Greenwood Tree ♦ Ocean of Love