This album includes some previously published tracks which, after some slight modifications, seemed to blend in with this almost classical-style collection of piano and slide guitar-fronted tunes.

From Lips of Angels

This collection begins with the eloquent From Lips of Angels, inspired by its subject, covered in much literature on angels, such as the writings of Lorna Byrne, Theresa Cheung, Jacky Newcomb and many others.

Relentless Love

This offering from the Cluain Ri project, entitled Relentless Love, wants to take the listener on a musical 'pilgrimage'; gently setting the tone with the opening track.

Touched by Grace

Touched by Grace wants to take you on a journey… a happy journey infused with playful lightness that can lift your cares and assure you that you are cared for.

Hush-a-bye Angels

A calming, comforting collection of dreamy slide guitar instrumentals for gently ushering babies and young children into peaceful slumber.

Angels in her Hair (Single)

Cluain Ri's song, 'Angels in Her Hair' was inspired by the book of the same title by the Irish mystic, Lorna Byrne. Its lyrics tell of her life's mission.